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In the Old Days…

Do you remember the days before 24 hour news channels? If there was a major piece of breaking news, whatever you were watching

Space Shuttle Challenger explodes shortly after launch from Cape Canaveral
News Flash Worthy Event!

(on one of the three channels – such was the way in the UK back then!) would be interrupted for the news to be broken. It was always very exciting – “we interrupt this broadcast to bring you this piece of breaking news…” etc. People would come running from all over the house to see what was occurring – real life dramas unfolding in our actual living rooms! Well, this post is a bit like that, except it’s not on TV and won’t actually happen until Monday – but apart from that, it’s exactly the same…

Big Darts Match Live(ish)

Monday (3rd March 2014) will see two titans of the Wimborne Darts League meet in a final day match that will determine the fate of the top three teams in the B Section – who will win the slightly larger piece of plastic, sorry trophy, and who will miss out on any plastic at all?

The Shoulder of Mutton E (my team) will make the arduous journey to St Ives. As things stand, St Ives and The Shoulder are locked on 88 points with just this one match against each other to go. The third team involved are Green Man B – they have finished their season and are currently top with 95 points – they can only wait and hope the result goes their way.

Let’s see if I can explain the possible outcomes:
…if the Shoulder win 7-3 or better, then they will be Section Winners and Green Man will be runners-up.
…if however, the shoulder win 6-4 or it ends all square (5-5), then Green Man will be Section Winners and the Shoulder will be runners-up.
…in the event that St Ives win 6-4 or 7-3, then they will be runners-up whilst Green Man will remain in top spot and The Shoulder will miss out on a top two finish.
…and finally, if St Ives win 8-2 or better, then they will be Section Winners and Green Man will be runners-up.

I think that is all correct. At the end of the day we’ve had a cracking first season in the B Section after promotion last year from The C and we couldn’t have asked for more than that really.

Up The Shoulder.

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