DARTS NEWS FLASH – Big Match Disaster!

Turtle Disaster

To paraphrase Tommy Cooper, Monday night’s match was like a lorry full of tortoises colliding with a van full of terrapins – a turtle disaster.

Cartoon picture of a turtle wearing a fez.
Yes, a turtle wearing a fez!

Even at two-all after the pairs we were edgy and unconvincing. We only needed to win three of the six singles and next season we’d be playing A Section darts. What happened next was pretty inexplicable! We lost five straight singles, consigning us to third place (and no trophy), whilst at the same time handing St Ives the opportunity to leapfrog both us and Green Man to finish top of the pile – a win in the final game of the night and a Section Winners trophy would be theirs…

“Monday night’s match was like a lorry full of tortoises colliding with a van full of terrapins – a turtle disaster.”

Sharon (our captain), was on in this game. She lost the first leg (in the best of three) and things were looking pretty rosy for St Ives – so much so that there may even have been a chorus of “We are the Champions”. However, Captain Sharon wasn’t going to let this faze her as she displayed nerves of steel (the likes of which she could have done with the rest of her team showing earlier in the evening) to win 2-1 and provide a cracking punchline of her own to the match.

So what we thought would be a difficult season ultimately ended in disappointment. If we’d have been offered third place at the start of the season, we’d have taken that quite happily, but because of our end of season collapse, it feels a little bit like a failure.

Hopefully we can find similar form next season and push on in to the A Section.

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If you’ve enjoyed reading about our big match disaster, perhaps you’d like to share your disastrous darts matches that promised so much, but were ultimately a failure by leaving a comment below…

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