If You can’t be Good, be Lucky – Half-Term Report

Half-Term Report

It’s been half a season since the drawing of names for league singlesCartoon drawing of a boy looking worriedly at a report card. was introduced, so I thought I’d give you an update on how it’s going for me and my team-mates.
If this is the first you’ve heard of it, perhaps you’d like to take a quick read of my initial post (If You can’t be Good, be Lucky) from the Summer when the rule change was introduced.

Previously on My Darting Life…

The general gist of it is that up until this season, the captain of each team could decide what order to play their players for
the singles part of the match. This was particularly advantageous to the away captain, as the home team was required to write their next players name down first. The away captain could then play tactically to make the best use of the players at their disposal. It was voted in that the playing order of the singles would be decided by the drawing of names randomly. The general consensus of our team was that this would be bad news for us, as we had risen to third in the B Section of the league by making quite good use of the advantages offered by the old system. It was decided however, that we would give it a go and see how things panned out.

Opportunity Knocks?

To add further spice to the story, the league saw fit to promote us to the top section (A) as the numbers in that Section needed to be made up. This news was met with trepidation by some, but on the whole the team seemed up for the challenge. Realistically, we know we will have done well if we don’t finish bottom – a lack of strength in depth and almost nil experience in the top Section, along with not being able to select players tactically anymore will almost certainly see us relegated come the end of the season in March.

Could Do Better, Easily Distracted

Like one of my old school reports, the bottom line is that we could do better.

League table showing our league position as being second from bottom at the half-way stage.
Half-term report 2014/15 (image courtesy of www.wimborneminsterdarts.co.uk)

At the half-way point of the season, we have yet to win (or even draw) a match, having lost eight-out-of-eight so far, however, the signs are encouraging, but it might just be too late to rescue ourselves if we get going now.
Some of the matches have been properly tough and we’ve taken a couple of pastings, but we expected that against those teams. Where we need to pick up in the rest of the season is against those teams in and around us at the bottom of the table.
Better finishing and an improved team spirit would certainly go a long way to taking a few more points against those teams.

On a personal note, I’m really pleased with the way I’ve played, despite having lost four-out-of-five (and missed three) matches, I’ve impressed most of the time, not panicked and concentrated well. Up until our last match I hadn’t actually done quite enough to win a singles, but I won the last match of the first half 3-1 and feel confident that I can pick up some more wins between now and the end of the season.

So, I guess my summary would be, we’re being quite good, but not very lucky at the moment.

If you’ve enjoyed this update (or would like to pass on some best wishes!), feel free to leave a comment below.


  1. We have played well throughout the first half, better than the league table shows I feel. We’ve had our ups and downs with players being out, but isn’t that how we’ve been for the last 3 seasons? Just about getting by with 6 players! We have time to pull something out of the bag and try to stay out of the bottom 2. Tonight’s result was a very good one and we need to build on that. I enjoyed reading your update 🙂

    • Yes, last night’s result was a good one. Some good shots-out and a good team spirit. With a bit more luck we could have got more than a draw. Well done all involved.

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