How True is this in Darts?

Michael Jordan playing for the Bulls
Michael Jordan – massive darts fan and player (perhaps).

“I’ve never lost a game, I just ran out of time.”

– Michael Jordan

With a quote like that, maybe Michael has experienced the frustration (and embarrassment) of trying to hit double-one for twenty minutes while his team mates shout “nearest bull” in a very non-supportive way! Of course, I’ve never experienced this!

Let us know your embarrassing finishing experiences below, so we don’t feel too bad about ours!


  1. Brilliant blog mate…didn’t know where else to post so did it here..
    I know it is not about struggling finishing but an interesting one happened to me at the WMDL singles last year..
    After playing Monday night darts since I was 14, albeit with a couple of breaks, I thought I had probably shot out on every shot possible with all combinations ( under 100 anyhow).. but I definitely did one last year at the singles I had never done before.. I left myself 70 and I always go for the T14 as I like D14 and if I hit a S14 it leaves me 56 and I don’t mind that.. anyway I hit the T11 leaving me 37, went for the 5 and hit T5 leaving me 22 which I promptly hit D11..(3 green bits) One of my team mates said..”what a stupid way to go for 70!!!!!” I said ” I bet not many people have shot 70 out that way” 🙂 Keep up the good work

    • That Smithy, is a lengthy comment!
      Firstly, thanks for your kind words – they really help with building some momentum in my new blog.
      Secondly, your comment is almost long enough to have been used as a guest post! Maybe in the future?

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