My ‘Mate’ Scott – World Champion?!

The PDC World Darts Championship starts this week – for glitz and all round glamour, you can’t really fault it, but in my opinion it’s the BDO Lakeside World Darts Championships in early January that holds the most interest.

Christmas Darts Time!
Christmas Darts Time!


You’d be hard pushed to argue that the PDC (Professional Darts Corporation) hasn’t got its act together financially and as a high profile marketing machine.

Today sees the start of their World Championships and Sky are offering wall-to-wall coverage of the tournament on a dedicated channel, which is great – if you have Sky Sports!

Michael van Gerwen - current PDC World Champion
Michael van Gerwen – current PDC World Champion

The quality of the darts thrown is also of a standard that cannot be questioned – it is of the highest quality and to be able to do that in front of a few thousand baying fans is even more impressive. I’ve been to see the Premier League of Darts in Bournemouth a few times and the atmosphere is electric.


The BDO (British Darts Organisation) on the other hand has a slightly more down to earth, humble approach to things. It caters for grass roots darts in the UK as well as organising major tournaments such as the Lakeside World Championships that start in just over two weeks on 3rd January 2015 – and do you know what? It’s on the BBC! For free 🙂

Stephen Bunting
Stephen Bunting – Reigning BDO World Champion

The quality of the darts (on the whole) may not always be up to the standard of the Sky Sports event, but they are genuine and you could conceivably see someone playing from your darts league on TV. No, seriously, you could. I’m not sure what the qualifying criteria is to play in the PDC World Championships, but to play in the BDO event, you just have to have accumulated enough qualifying points or play in one of the qualifying competitions – grass roots to World Champion – the way it should be.

Scott Mitchell

“I have read your blog from various parts or Europe sat in hotel or Airport, an I do enjoy it. I sometimes even get a mention ! Our Wimborne League is very special an I’m proud to be a small part of it for over 10 years now. Your game against us after Xmas, no offence but I hope I’m not there, as it means I’m still at Lakeside !!! Be lucky an see you soon. Scotty”

Now, a little earlier I mentioned that you could possibly see a player from your local league playing in the BDO World Championships on TV. For those players who play in the Wimborne Minster Darts League, this is a reality.

Who Let the Dogs Out?
Who Let the Dogs Out? Future BDO World Champion?

Scott Mitchell, currently ranked world number two does actually play in ‘our’ league – because it’s ‘our’ league, that makes him ‘our’ Scott Mitchell! To be fair, I’ve suggested in the post title that Scott is my mate –  that is pushing the realms of plausibility a bit – he once gave me some very good advice on how to remove moss from my lawn (on Facebook), but that is about as far as it goes really! Even so, everyone in the Wimborne Darts League will be rooting for ‘our’ Scott Mitchell to go all the way at the Lakeside this year.

Good luck Scott.

If you’ve enjoyed this post, please feel free to pass a comment below (Scott has), or maybe use it as an opportunity to pass on your best wishes to Scott.


  1. Some great points made, i love darts and think its is sport made for telly. The Grand Slam of darts sometimes does show the gulf bewteen the 2 organisations, maybe they need to have more to joint tournements to give the BDO more exposure. Its a bit like rugby league and union. The money is in union and the coverage is far more wide spread than that of league, which is a shame as league is a faster game. This all boils down to money and it is the PDC which has the money and coverage which is why it is littered with BDO ex champions, who sometimes struggle to make the transition. MVG took a few years to get where he is, whilst other like Hankey and Klaasen have struggled.
    Loved the read though.

  2. Simon I’m reading, I’m reading. Yeah you are my mate an we played gr8 in our younger years before you were old an grey. You are my mate an that’s not pushing it at all. In the BDO we are the working class darter who are living the life of a pro darter for the week of Lakeside. We don’t get the stage opportunities is reason why we a little behind on averages an it’s not normal place under limelight for us to
    play. I am a story of the guy from the local League, who came through my county, that’s got on telly. Working is hard alongside traveling, which is even harder than our mon-fri work. BDO circuit travel is like preparing for 25 holidays a year without holiday at the destination reached. We travel miles to put ourselves in a pressure situation every week. Same pressure that a league player feels, just a different place. I come home to a Monday night to play in Wimborne where Iv alway been welcomed by its teams, players which has made it my darting home. Any how got a big cup game on Monday V Stocks before I can get my mind in gear for Lakeside. Happy Christmas dart watching to all !!!!

    • “Same pressure that a league player feels, just a different place.” – seriously! How can that be? I played John Walton a couple of years back and was terrified! Got stuffed three straight legs and played like a pratt!

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