Better the Devil You Know?

BDO Darts LogoAmid talk of presents, turkeys,  baubles and dead trees in your house, the BDO have made a significant announcement – the member Counties have voted overwhelmingly to remove the 365 Day Rule.

Until now, any player who had played in a tournament arranged by an organisation “…not recognised by the BDO…” was  not allowed to play in a BDO event for a whole year. Let’s not beat around the bush, we’re talking about PDC players here!

The Rule

The BDO has this to say about the outgoing rule…

“This rule, introduced in 2013, did not allow entry to a BDO event if a player was a member of any organisation that was not recognised by the BDO and/or had participated in any event that was not recognised by the BDO in the preceding 365 days.”

Basically what was happening here, was that the BDO were saying if you take your ball somewhere else, we’re not letting you come back and play in our match for a whole year, so there!

My Opinion

Now, and correctly in my opinion, they are letting those players who wanted to play in the PDC back into the BDO fold with no questions asked. Surely this can only be good for the sport of darts. A unified world organisation just got a step closer – still a long way off, but maybe, just maybe it could happen again.

Read the official BDO story here.

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