And into 2015…

It’s a New Year, I run a blog site, so I guess I had better write a post about my New Years Resolutions!


Having given it some (very brief) thought, I’ve come up with two resolutions for 2015, from a darting perspective – I wouldn’t know where to start for life ones in general!

Old Stoneface

John ‘Old Stoneface’ Lowe – my Dad’s favourite.

Be more controlled on the oche – I’ve actually made really great strides on this one in the last few months – remain calm, don’t panic and certainly don’t let your opponent see that you’re struggling, disappointed or even worse, annoyed. If I see my opponent start to show histrionics, that gives me a real lift, so I guess the same is true if I start tutting, swearing or shaking my head.

John ‘Old Stoneface’ Lowe is my inspiration here – I’ve covered his cool, calm, collected approach elsewhere recently.

Back in the days when you could smoke inside venues, it would always give me a real lift if the other player lit a cigarette – that was a fairly good indicator to me that they were worried. Of course now that isn’t an option and I wonder if that’s why you see more players losing their rag much easier?

Practice Makes Perfect

Secondly, I need to get my board up at home! I only play league darts once a week as it is, so it’s a bit unreasonable of me to expect to play consistently well when I turn up for darts having not thrown for seven or sometimes 14 days!

I’m sure these two things will catapult me to success and fame in no time at all.

What are your hopes and dreams for 2015 – let us know in the comments below…


  1. Ive finally got round to deciding where to put my board upand even got the tools ready. Im same as you once a week half hour at pub practice before game. I play my best darts at half past third pint so dread being first drawn. Dont do bad tho won all bar four of 28 last season but not so good so far this only three wins in ten games. But when board up i expect to be top ten seeded player in the world within a month. Live the dream 501 away silver

    • Marty – that has made me smile 🙂
      I’m lucky if I get half-an-hour sometimes!
      Great game – just wish I could commit more time to it.
      I’ll look forward to seeing you on TV 😉

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