Heads Held High: Shoulder v West Moors

We went expecting a pasting, but came away with our heads held high as we gave West Moors X (Our Scott’s Team) a proper match tonight in the Wimborne Minster Darts League.

Having won eleven-out-of-eleven (nine of those 9-1 or 10-0), the chances of us causing an upset having only won one in eleven were pretty slim.

Of course, Scott wasn’t there last night, but actually, he may be their most high profile player, but he’s not necessarily always their best player!

A Surprising Start…

Previously this season when we’ve played West Moors X we had lost 0-10 twice! We kind of expected more of the same tonight, but for a large part of the evening we were as good as them, scaring the living daylights out of ourselves by taking the team game and going 1-0 up!

This was quickly followed by two defeats in the pairs, both of which could have gone either way, but it appeared that normality had been restored, until, almost without warning, we won the final pair to square the match at two each.

Quality Shines Through

The first single was lost 2-3, despite being 2-0 up at one point, but to be fair, it was against the top winner in the A Section so far this season! This was followed by another closely fought game that was lost 1-3 and we were 2-4 down with four to play.

A cracking performance by our ‘guest’ player (guest because he only plays for us when his team in another league don’t play) and we were just one behind – could we possibly get a draw or even a win?

Well, no, we really couldn’t! In the end their superior quality came to the fore, we lost the last three singles and ended up losing the match 3-7, however, we were pretty pleased with the way we had played and it certainly has built our confidence for the battle against relegation.

“…No chance of a repeat result from earlier in the season ! A great night of darts & mostly very close games, very well played indeed Shoulder…”

Andy Willis, West Moors X Captain

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Cheers, Simon.


  1. When I get home I will demand a team meeting over loss of 3 points. Need to see if we got to head quickly into January transfer window to sure up the defences !!!!

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