BDO World Championships: Our Scott Mitchell – The Final

It wasn’t the most skillful final ever and the stats weren’t the highest, but for sheer drama and emotion, for hundreds (maybe thousands) of people in Dorset and all around, this match will never be beaten, even if Scott Mitchell goes on to be crowned BDO World Darts Champion ten more times!

“I said in my interview on Saturday that I didn’t mind whether I played Glen Durrant or ‘Wolfie’ in the final, but I really wanted to play ‘Wolfie’. He’s our main man in the BDO and he’s won everything. To share the stage with such a legend, who has done so much for our side of the sport, was awesome.”

‘Scotty Dog’ Scott Mitchell, talking to BBC Sport after the final

It’s Been Emotional

The BDO World Champions Winner Trophy
The BDO World Champions Winner Trophy

I can hardly remember how the match went on Sunday, but that 158 check out in the first leg of the thirteenth set will live long in the memory – maybe it was only then, so late in the match, that Scott realised this could actually be his year. Clearly after the winning double, he simply didn’t know what to do with himself, eventually slumping into the arms of his opponent in emotional exhaustion – it had been a long week and a grueling final.

Once he’d gathered his thoughts, screamed at the fans chanting ‘who let the dogs out’ with clenched fists in the air, he was off into the crowd to celebrate with his family. He emotionally hugged each of them, before returning to the stage to be interviewed and then presented with his prizes – the BDO World Champion Winners Trophy (with names inscribed on it such as John Lowe, Eric Bristow, Phil Taylor and Raymond van Barneveld) and a cheque for £100,000 – the farmer from Dorset is now the reigning BDO World Champion.

The Final

The match was a thrilling encounter in which neither player was able to establish a two set lead and each struggled to hold throw. It swung backwards and forwards, Wolfie initially missing with his first 12 darts at a double at the start of the match, allowing Scott to take a one set to nil lead.

Wolfie then won the next two sets, to lead 2-1, before losing the next and it was all level at two-a-piece. The next three sets went with the darts and the match was nicely poised at 3-3. Incredibly, the next six sets all went against the darts, as each player took it in turns to break the other and we were into the deciding thirteenth set.

“Halfway through that I really wished I was watching it, I didn’t really want to be up here. It’s everything that dreams are made of really, I can’t believe it.”

Scott Mitchell, Talking on stage just after winning.

Scott had been here in Round One, going all the way to a sudden-death final leg against Tony O’Shea. Martin had also been involved in a final set thriller, but that was just the day before against Glen Durrant in the semi-final – at 58 years old, you have to wonder whether those exhausting 24 sets in just over 24 hours were taking their toll, especially when Scotty Dog took out 158 in the opening leg of the set against the darts – that must have felt like a hammer-blow to Wolfie, one which he didn’t recover from as he had done so many times during this epic final.

My View
Scott with a tractor and a chicken – coz that’s what he does apparently!

On the 19th December, in this blog, I suggested that Scott could possibly be crowned World Champion 2015. It was partially tongue-in-cheek and more about the romance of the BDO, that a pub player could go all the way to and win the Lakeside final, but do you know what, he just did.

There are many people much closer to Scott than us, but the weeks excitement that his journey through the tournament brought into our home and the TV will live with us for ever.

Thanks Scott for a great week. Enjoy the fame and attention and also enjoy the spoils of your fantastic achievement, you’ve earned them.

Feel free to read my posts on previous rounds for Scott’s journey at the Lakeside this year in Rounds One, TwoQuarter-final and Semi-final.

Breaking News

Scott ands Club Captain Andy Willis
Scott and his Club Captain Andy Willis

Scott returned to league darts last night for West Moors Social in the Wimborne Minster Darts League where his team won 8-2 against their fellow club team. Scott’s Captain (Andy Willis) said that the match took a backseat to the arrival of Scott and Sharon with The Trophy.

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Cheers, Simon.


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