Scores for Show, Doubles for Dough!

When I get my board up at home (as part of my darting New Years Resolution), I really need to practice my finishing! It’s easy to stand there for (possibly) hours-on-end throwing at treble twenty and congratulating yourself on how many 100+’s you’ve hit, but actually, if you don’t finish legs, you don’t win matches – we all know that, and we all know that it’s…

“Scores for show, doubles for dough.”

Bobby George, two times BDO World Championship Finalist

A Missed Opportunity

Bobby wouldn't have approved!
Bobby wouldn’t have approved!

For 28 years (or thereabouts) I’ve been waiting for the opportunity to hit a 170 shot-out. A couple of Monday’s back, I had just that opportunity. It was in a team game and the player before me had deliberately left 170 for me to have a go at. The two treble-twenties went in lovely and felt really good, then came the third dart!

I didn’t settle myself, I thought I’ll just keep the flow going, I know what I want, let’s just get on with it… missed by a good inch I did! I didn’t even hit an outer-bull which wouldn’t have been as embarrassing! Never mind, I’m sure they’ll be another chance along in 28 years time, when I’m 70 years old and struggling to reach the twenties at all!

Time on My Side? No thanks!

More often than not though, the situation when I wish I had practiced finishing is when a leg has been bossed and there is plenty of time to hit the double – sometimes too much time! Does anybody else experience that? You’re so far ahead that you become complacent, your opponent plods along and then hits the double first dart and you’ve lost the leg – I guess that is where concentration comes in. Again this was something I suffered on the same Monday night.

Two legs to nil up in a best-of-five singles game, I allowed my concentration to slip, lost the third leg, couldn’t get any rhythm at all and lost the game 2-3!

As I’ve previously said, I can’t play just once a week and expect to play consistently well, but to lose concentration and feel “this one’s in the bag” part the way through the game is foolish at best and if you do this you deserve to lose.

It’s all about Finishing

Without the ability to keep your head when the end of the match comes, you don’t win anything. I think this is the area of the game that I really need to work on. How about you, what should you be doing to improve your game?

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