Opportunity Knocks: WMDL Three’s and The Lakeside World Championship Winners Trophy

So on Monday I had the opportunity to hold the Lakeside World Championship Winners Trophy as well as the opportunity to beat the current holder of that trophy, ‘Scotty Dog’ Scott Mitchell – one went better than the other!

Just recently this blog has turned into the ‘Stories about Scott Mitchell’ site, but I’ll make no excuses for that – Our Scott is a local hero and is providing plenty of material for me just at the moment! Speaking of which, I’ll soon be posting an account of my interview with the World Champion right here, on these very pages :).

Opportunity Knocks – Number 1

Me, looking awkward with the Lakeside World Champion Trophy!
Me, looking awkward with the Lakeside World Championship Winners Trophy!

The first of my opportunities was to hold the Lakeside World Championship Winners Trophy.

It was the Wimborne Minster Dart League (WMDL) Three’s competition and Scott was there with the iconic trophy for all to see and to be seen with. Well, I wasn’t going to pass up that chance, so here’s a snap of me looking a little awkward if I’m honest!

If you’re interested, it’s quite heavy, Scott doesn’t get to keep it at his house and I believe he was quoted £3,000 to have a replica made!

Opportunity Knocks – Number 2

While it was good to hold the trophy, there were more important things to deal with, like trying to progress through the three’s competition. Me and my two teammates, Nick and Darren, got lucky in the first round. We didn’t play very well, but still managed to win 2-0. The highlight for me was my 105 finish to take the second leg – a satisfactory way to finish a below average performance.

The second round match was a little better, as we again progressed with a 2-0 win that saw us through to the last sixteen, where we would be playing fellow A Section players in the form of The Cricketers (the pub name, not their profession!). We lost the first leg, but knuckled-down and showed good character to take the game 2-1 and with it a place in the quarter-finals where we would have the opportunity to take out Scott and his team mates, Eddie and Gordon.

What I imagine West Moors X table will look like at this seasons presentation evening (again!)!
What I imagine West Moors X table will look like at this seasons presentation evening (again!)!

Now previously, at this same venue (on the same board in fact), I gave Eddie a bit of a scare when I played him in the final of the Captain’s Cup a couple of seasons ago. I was a C Section player then – I took the first leg in that final, before realising where I was and eventually succumbing to the stress of it all, losing 2-1!

More recently, I played Gordon in a league match at our place, where I went 2-0 up, before losing that one as well, 3-2! So in theory, I should have felt some confidence before the quarter-final. What actually happened was that I played like a complete pillock, scoring seven and eleven along the way and giving my teammates no help whatsoever! Pretty much everyone in the room was watching – I just wanted the ground to swallow me up, I was so embarrassed! Eventually we lost the game 2-0, with Nick and Darren playing pretty well.

Inevitably, Scott, Eddie and Gordon went on to win the final and will probably be up and down like yo-yo’s at the presentation!

Up Next…

Up next for us is a home game in our battle to avoid relegation as we host third place (and pushing for runners-up) St. Ives A. We’ll be looking to build on our recent good form (including a 10-0 win last time out) as we start our run-in to the end of the season, with just three league matches left.

Thanks for reading – please feel free to leave any comments you might have below.


  1. Good to see you Monday night, nice that Scotty bought the trophy along ! Good luck for the rest of the season, keep battling !

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