PDC Premier League Darts: A Bit Embarrassing?

PDC logoAs you will have read earlier in the week, the PDC Premier League of Darts came to Bournemouth on Thursday, and I was ‘lucky’ enough to have tickets to go, and so it seemed, did quite a few knobheads!

Now I’ve been to the Premier League darts in Bournemouth about six times, so I knew what to expect, but this year the dick-to-fan ratio was definitely higher than previous visits. Darts is a working mans sport and working men drink, but some of the behaviour on Thursday was an embarrassment to darts.

I think the crowd at the BIC on Thursday probably fell into three categories: Dart Fans, Experience Lovers and Knobheads!


There were plenty of genuine darts fans who were there to follow top quality matches, and who appreciated the skill on show and the opportunity to experience first-hand world-class darts on their doorsteps.

Experience Lovers

Then there are those who came  along for the experience – and it is quite an experience. These people choose to support a player because of the character they bring to the stage (Peter Wright) or through a sense of loyalty because of nationality (Gary Anderson) or maybe just because they’ve heard of someone (Phil Taylor) – but at the end of the day, they’re there because they want to experience the atmosphere, and I get that. Perfectly exceptable, and darts may pick up a few players/fans as a result.


A Pint of Beer
For drinking, not throwing, knobhead!

And then there are those who turn up to be total bell-ends! They drink to excess, barrack the players and throw full pints of beer into the crowd! The BIC are so aware of what’s going to happen, that the drinks are sold in plastic cups. These people should be banned from ever coming again. It’s not acceptable at any other sporting event, so why should it be at darts? I’m not a snob or unrealistic, but these people are tainting darts and putting it in danger of being tarred with an unwanted brush – that of thugs and anti-social behaviour.

Elliott Cornish hit the nail on the head when he published his article on the PDC having created a monster in December – please have a read – it’s the most successful article I’ve had on this site so far and well worth a read.

Please let me know below what you think, or Tweet me @my_darting_life.

Cheers, Simon.


    • Been to Cardiff a few times and it’s been great so hoping for the same this year, wouldn’t want to go to a lot of the venues though from what I’ve seen on tv and know from blogs that it’s actually worse at the venue SAD

  1. Went to Belfast a couple of years ago and have never been back and won’t be back the scum bags were going to the toilet and urinating in to plastic pint containers and throwing it in to the crowd nothing done because it is still happening

  2. Spent many years and a lot of money watching the darts. Never again at least 75% PDC supporters don’t go for the darts. What a shame another sport ruined by sky

  3. A friend of mine said a good thing. Why don’t they offer darts leagues in uk and Ireland first refusel ? ,there are plenty of true dart player who would fill the venues and the players would be respected more

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