Winmau TV: BDO County Match was “Simply Superb”

After the first ever live broadcast of a BDO County Match, Lincolnshire v Cornwall, last weekend (29th March), we caught up with Winmau TV to see how they felt it had gone.

Winmau has a long history in darts, from manufacturing elm dartboards in 1954 to sponsorship of the Winmau Masters since 1973 and the introduction of the Blade board in 1997, they have continued to support the working mans game into the 21st century – I’ve covered some of that history at the end of this article.

Having spoken to a number of people online today (4th April), it seems that this may not have been the first ever live-streamed County Match. It was never my intention to mislead or ignore the efforts of others in the past. If anybody would like to share their experiences of streaming live county darts in the comments section below, I for one would be pleased to read them. Whoever can rightly claim to have streamed first, there’s no doubt, that with the backing of Winmau, last weeks match was a significant step forward for BDO darts.

How proud are Winmau to have been involved in the first ever live broadcast of a BDO County Darts Match?

“We were very proud to be involved in what we hope will be a landmark event for County darts. It was largely thanks to the hard work and vision of Lincolnshire County that this went ahead, and we were happy to give them a global platform via Winmau TV where the darting public could watch for free.”

How Successful was the Broadcast?

“The reaction has been simply superb. We had 3,300 unique viewers watching on the day (and this number is now over 4,000 with people watching the recorded link). In fact, we had viewers from New Zealand, the US, Canada and Australia to name but a few.”

“The reaction has been simply superb. We had 3,300 unique viewers watching on the day…”

Was the broadcast successful enough to consider more in the future?

“We hope that this will be the first of many more live County matches where we can showcase the incredible talent within the BDO system and the competitive nature of the matches.”

We’d like to thank Winmau for their contribution to this article and for their continued support of grassroots darts. Lend your support to their continued efforts on Twitter and Facebook.

Now sit back and watch the whole match right here, or scroll down a little further to see my Potted History of Winmau…

Winmau – A Potted History

1945 – Founded by Harry Kicks and started producing handmade elm boards.
1961 – Kick’s sons joined the business and it was renamed H.A. Kicks & Sons.
1973 – Became official board supplier to the BDO.
1973 – First Winmau World Masters tournament (although the first two editions of the competition was sponsored by Phonogram).
1973 – Renamed to Winmau (pronounced win-more) after Harry’s wifes two first names, Winifred Maud.
1979 – Relocated to Haverhill, Suffolk.
1984 – Sudden death of Harry Kicks Senior – his sons take control.
1993 – Ron Kurtz became majority shareholder.
1997 – Blade board launched.
2002 – Nodor complete takeover of Winmau, but the Winmau name lives on.
2013 – 40th World Masters Tournament.
2015 – Still the official board supplier to the BDO.


  1. Good little read as always – incredible Winmau have been involved 70 years.

    Enjoy the interviews you get on here, always interesting to hear what the BDO players and co. have to say.

      • Great stuff! I’d whack it all in together personally and make a proper feature article out of it. Guess it depends on whether it would be easy to split effectively as well.

  2. Well this is a lie. Nottinghamshire Darts was the first inter county match to be broadcast live on the Internet. 5 years ago too! Then other county’s followed so there not even second on it!

    • Hi Mike. A lie would suggest that there was an intention to mislead – there certainly wasn’t. I was led to believe, from articles that I’d read, that this was the first broadcast of its kind in relation to County Darts. If it wasn’t, then I’d be happy to hear more about other counties previous streams. Even if the Lincolnshire v Cornwall match last week wasn’t the first, it certainly was still a significant event for BDO darts.

  3. LINCOLNSHIRE DARTS V CORNWALL, what a great day it was , your bound to have a few green eyed monsters out as always negativity as always, well not with us, Lincolnshire darts thank Adrian Battersby and Winmau for their much needed support to make this one of the greatest achievements in Lincolnshire darts history , We are progressing OUR SPORT OF DARTS and always wi8ll do thanks again.

    • Thanks for your comment Paula. I’ve not seen any really negative comments – some people are keen to have their voices heard – which is fair enough. I agree, it was a great result for darts as a whole.

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