Get Well Soon James Wade!

Another well thought out and thought provoking article from Josh Gorton – I’m sure we all echo Josh’s sentiments and wish that James Wade is able to deal with his mental issues in the best way he can over the coming weeks and months.


  1. Sorry to hear of James’s recurring health problems. I suffer from the same illness and know how difficult life can be as a result. Hopefully James will improve in time and get back to the top of the tree in darts but more importantly get healthy again. Best wishes. Joe Low. Fife. Scotland

  2. James is a great ambassador for mental health and despite all his struggles he is still the player that other players find very hard to beat. That’s because he has the strength and determination to fight. He’s been fighting stigma all his life. Put your feet up James and we look forward to seeing you coming out fighting again soon.

  3. That’s a real shame! I think James is very brave to admit his illness as there is such a stigma still attached to mental health issues that it’s no wonder people suffer in silence!
    I’m sure though that with the help of his lovely fiancee, Sami, he’ll soon find himself in a better place and ready to face darts again
    All the best James – really hope you’re feeling better soon x

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