Perth Darts Masters 2015: Finals Night

Phil Taylor powered to victory in the PDC World Series again at the weekend in the Perth Darts Masters – that’s his fifth World Series win in nine events – a phenomenal record! Only he and Michael van Gerwen have won any of the World Series events since the series’ inception in 2013.

Read our leg-by-leg review of both semi-finals and the final from Perth below…

Semi-Final One: Phil Taylor v Gary Anderson

1-0 – BREAK – a first leg break for Taylor as Anderson gets off to a sluggish start.
2-0 – Despite Anderson hitting his first 180, Taylor holds the leg after Gary misses two darts at a double.
2-1 – Both players open the leg with a 180 and Anderson gets on the board with a 68 finish.

Gary Anderson Image:
Gary Anderson

2-2 – BREAK – this time Taylor hits his second 180 of the match, but misses two doubles and Anderson steps in.
2-3 – Three legs on the spin for the World Champion Anderson as Taylor misses a dart at bull.
3-3 – Taylor stops the rot with an 84 finish – all square again.
3-4 – Cracking leg from Anderson as he hits his third match 180 and takes out 146.
4-4 – All square again, as Taylor takes out his previously unfavoured double 16.
4-5 – Another great leg on his throw for Anderson, hitting two 180’s, while Taylor hit a 171 – Anderson’s leg though.
5-5 – A sixth straight leg that goes with the darts.
6-5 – BREAK – A break for Taylor as he hits a 12 dart leg that includes his second maximum of the match.
7-5 – Taylor holds to take a two leg lead, despite Anderson hitting maximum number four. Taylor has now hit five of six attempts at double 16.
8-5 BREAK – Second break in a row for Taylor. Fortunate for him though as Anderson hit a 180 (6 now), but misses five darts at a double!
9-5 The match result was pretty much decided by this point as Taylor won his fifth leg in a row.
10-5 BREAK – 80 finish for Taylor as he wraps this one up. Both players hit a 180 in the final leg, but it was really too little too late for Anderson.

The Power has now beaten Anderson in the semi-final of all three World Series events this year. The players averages (108 for Taylor, 104 for Anderson) certainly indicate that this was a high class match.

Did you know… Taylor has dropped out of the PDC’s top two for the first time in 11 years – van Gerwen and Anderson are currently ranked one and two.

Semi-Final Two: James Wade v Michael van Gerwen

1-0 BREAK – van Gerwen starts slow and Wade steps in to break.
1-1 BREAK – Better from van Gerwen as he hits a 177 and breaks back.
2-1 BREAK – This is a poor quality match at the moment, MVG’s average is 87!
2-2 BREAK –  Both players hit a maximum and Wade misses a double before MVG takes the leg against the darts again.
3-2 BREAK – Five breaks in-a-row at the start of the match. MVG missing three darts at doubles in this one.
4-2 Wade is the first player to hold throw and takes a two leg lead.
5-2 BREAK – Three legs in-a-row for Wade despite MVG hitting 180, but he did miss three darts to win the leg.
5-3 BREAK – Another break of throw, this time for van Gerwen. All eight legs so far have been 15 darts or less.
5-4 Two on the trot for MVG as he drags himself back into the match. Wade missed three doubles to go 6-3.
6-4 Wade holds, despite a fifth maximum for MVG.
7-4 BREAK – A fifth break of throw for Wade as the winning line comes into sight. MVG hit another maximum in this leg. Just four doubles hit in twenty for MVG.
8-4 – Wade holds in 11 darts. To this point MVG has only won one leg on his throw.
8-5 – A rare hold of throw in this match for MVG.
8-6 – BREAK – Wade looked nervous in this leg – I reckon that winning line just got further away – game on.
8-7 – Wade misses two doubles as MVG holds to close within one leg after being 8-4 down.
9-7 BREAK – MVG hits another 180 (6), but Wade finds the strength to finish 122 and break MVG’s rhythm.
9-8 A nervous Wade misses three doubles, van Gerwen hits a seventh maximum – game on again!
9-9 – BREAK – 124 shot out for van Gerwen – he’s win five out of six legs! We have a decider…
10-9 – BREAK – How else was the match going to finish but with a break of throw? Wade hits a 180 and closes the leg out to set up a Wade v Taylor final.

Wade had previously lost three World Series semi-finals before winning this one.
Wade’s average is 100+, hit 33% of his doubles, but more importantly hit sixteen 140’s!
MVG hit a lackluster 95 average, 32% of his doubles and was never ahead in the match.

Did you know… MVG had beaten Wade ten times in-a-row in televised matches prior to this semi-final?

Final: James Wade v Phil Taylor

This is the ninth PDC World Series event since its inception in 2013 – Taylor and van Gerwen have won four a piece.
James Wade only had a 15 minute break after his semi-final against van Gerwen before this match.

1-0 – BREAK – Taylor hits the first maximum of the match, but Wade breaks his throw with a 60 finish.
1-1 – BREAK – Taylor breaks straight back with a 93 finish.
1-2 – Taylor takes this one in 12 darts with two 180’s and an 86 finish. Wade also his a 180.  What a leg!
1-3 – BREAK – Taylor breaks again with a 68 finish. Wade isn’t get a look at a double at the moment.
1-4 – Four in a row for The Power as he finished this leg with double one!
1-5 – Three breaks out of three for Taylor, including another maximum – that’s four in the match. Taylor is on a 102 average and Wade is looking jaded.
2-5 – BREAK – At last some respite for Wade as he takes out 130 after Taylor misses three doubles.
3-5 – Wade holds his own throw for the first time in the match, with Taylor sat on tops. He’s back in the match.
3-6 – Taylor holds his throw to restore his three leg advantage. Wade has hit 75% of his shot out attempts.

The crowd are muted – this is a low key final, just four 180’s so far.

4-6 – Another decent shot out for Wade (86) as he keeps track with Taylor.
4-7 – This is a lacklustre performance from Wade – maybe such a short break after the semi-final is really affecting him.
4-8 – Another maximum and a 123 shot out for Taylor and the match really appears to be slipping away from James now.
5-8 – BREAK – Once again Wade finds some inner-strength to break for the third time in the match.
6-8 – This was a poor leg for The Power – Wade is within two again.
6-9 – The early part of this leg was disrupted with some barracking from the crowd on Taylor’s throw. It seems to affect both players as Taylor misses treble twenty with the first six darts and Wade miscounts at the end of the leg. Taylor holds his throw.

7-9 – Wade has won three of the last four legs, to give himself a chance. Taylor hit 180, but it wasn’t enough to break the throw.
7-10 – Taylor moves to within one leg of his fifth PDC World Series Title, including 180.
7-11 – It’s all over, Taylor is the winner.

Phil Taylor, the PDC's Antipodean Master. Image:
Phil Taylor, the PDC’s Antipodean Master. Image:

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