Winmau World Masters 2015: Tournament Info (for the armchair fan)

The 42nd Winmau World Masters from Hull City Hall will be as keenly contested as the previous 41 versions. We reckon it could be one of the most open men’s World Masters for a long time.

Our tournament score updates for all of the Masters competitions can be found on our Winmau Masters Results Page.

Winmau World Masters – Men’s Qualifiers

On 8th October, the day before the televised rounds, hundreds of hopefuls entered the Winmau World Masters qualifying tournament. With just 16 qualifiers joining the 16 seeded men, spaces were at a premium.

The sixteen men who qualified were…

  1. Kyle McKinstry (Northern Ireland)
  2. Brian Dawson (England)
  3. Thomas Junghans (Switzerland)
  4. Willem Mandigers (Netherlands)
  5. Richard Veenstra (Netherlands)
  6. David Concanon (Ireland)
  7. Larry Butler (USA)
  8. Allan Edwards (England)
  9. Johan Engstrom (Sweden)
  10. Sven Verdonck (Belgium)
  11. Krzysztof Ratajski (Poland)
  12. James Hurrell (England)
  13. Darius Labanauskas (Lithuania)
  14. John Norman Jnr (Canada)
  15. Danny Noppert (Netherlands)
  16. Cody Harris (New Zealand)

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Winmau World Masters (3)

It is of course the longest running darts tournament in the world and one of the few that has equal ranking-point status with the World Championship on the BDO circuit.

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We spoke to some of the main contenders for this years edition (9th – 11th October) and found out as much information as we could to help you follow the event from the comfort of your own lounge.

Event Schedule

Whilst the TV coverage may not start until Friday, there’s plenty of action to keep up to date with earlier in the week.

6th October – Grand Slam of Darts Play-Offs: two players will successfully qualify for the joint PDC/BDO darts fest in November.
7th October – World Youth Play-offs and World Professional Play-offs: places are up for grabs at Lakeside in January. 
8th October – Winmau World Maters Play-offs: 16 players will earn the right to play in the stage rounds of the Winmau World Masters 2015.
9th – 11th October – Winmau World Masters: 16 seeds and the 16 qualifiers from yesterday battle it out to be crowned Winmau World Masters Champion 2015

TV Coverage on Eurosport and Winmau TV

This year’s Winmau World Masters will once again be covered by Eurosport and online at Winmau TV, but, the Winmau coverage is for viewers outside of the UK only. 

Eurosports Coverage will be as follows (see further down for Winmau’s scheduled streams)…

Friday 9th October
12:30 LIVE Day One on British Eurosport 2 HD
22:00 Highlights of Day One on Eurosport HD

Saturday 10th October
13:00 LIVE Day Two on British Eurosport 2 HD
22:00 Highlights of Day Two on Eurosport HD

Sunday 11th October
16:30 Delayed coverage of Men’s Quarter-Finals
18:00 LIVE Final on British Eurosport HD

Winmau’s live stream can be seen by clicking this image.

Winmau TV’s scheduled coverage (for non-UK viewers) can be seen here, and is as follows…

Friday 9th October
11:00 – 23:45 LIVE Day One – Girls and Boys Finals, Men’s Last 32

Saturday 10th October
13:00 – 19:00 LIVE Day Two – Ladies Quarter-Finals, Men’s Last 16

Sunday 11th October
12:00 – 23:00 LIVE Finals Day – WDDA Final, Men’s Quarter-Finals to Final, Ladies Semi-Finals & Final

They Said What?

We were delighted to get thoughts from some of the main protagonists at this years event, as well as Richard Ashdown, who, as ever, was more than willing to share his thoughts and memories.

“All the players know this is the first chance to check form as we head into the BDO TV season. It’s a brutal format with the best of three for the set – one missed double, one bad score, can see these games turn on their head. Makes it exciting to watch though !!!

Scott Mitchell, BDO World Champion

“I’m really looking forward to it. My darts are going well in the last few months.”

Ryan de Vreede, BDO World Number Sixteen

“I’m looking forward to it. It was a catalyst to my season last year and hopefully I can go one better this year and win it – we will see.”

Jamie Hughes, BDO World Number Four

“I’m looking forward to it. It’s a nice but difficult tournament because all the best players from each country are there. I have the luck, I’m seeded, so I will be in action from the last 32.”

Geert de Vos, BDO World Number Eight

Ashdown’s Lowdown

As previously mentioned, we also asked Mr Ashdown for a comment or two!

So, Richard, just how excited are you about this years Winmau World Masters?
“The Winmau World Masters is always an event I look forward to. I enjoy the mixture of floor and stage play, with the added bonus of the Grand Slam and Lakeside qualifiers also taking place alongside the early rounds of the Winmau. So it’s three days on the floor starting Tuesday and three days on stage, Friday to Sunday!

Mr Ashdown in full glory.
Mr Ashdown in full glory.

“I used to attend the Winmau in the late 90’s, long before I worked in darts to see both the floor and stage action. It’s a unique major tournament in that sense and has a much different feel to the World Championships, with lots of players sticking around to watch the final stages.

“It’s a great tournament to see new stars flourish. If you look back through history, John Lowe, Eric Bristow, Bob Anderson, Steve Beaton, Richie Burnett, Andy Fordham, John Walton, Michael van Gerwen, Scott Waites & Stephen Bunting all won the Winmau title before going on to become a World Champion. Likewise with the ladies, four of the top ten seeds at this year’s World Masters are former winners of the youth event in Zoe Jones, Fallon Sherrock, Casey Gallagher and current champion Anastasia Dobromyslova.”

What’s your favourite World Masters memory?
“As far as my own personal memories are concerned, my earliest on TV must be watching Bob Anderson’s win in 1988 to complete his hat trick. As a spectator it was Les Wallace defeating Alan Warriner in 1998, taking his darts out and having no idea he’d won!

“As a spotter, the Tony West victory in 2003 over Barney stands out as the most spectacular final. It was so fast and exciting, as was MvG winning the title in 2006 at just 17. His win over Martin Adams will always be special. Finally as the MC on stage it was an absolute pleasure to announce Martin Phillips as the Winmau World Masters champion in 2014, after all those years he’d been trying.”

World Disability Darts Association

World Disability Darts Association
World Disability Darts Association

As well as the main World Masters events, the WDDA also hold a Winmau World Masters tournament alongside the able-bodied events. Ricky Chilton won the first version of this tournament in 2014 – we spoke to Ricky, to see how he was feeling ahead of his title defence.

Ricky in action at the inaugural WDDA Winmau World Masters
Ricky in action at the inaugural WDDA Winmau World Masters

Are you looking forward to defending your title Ricky?
“Yes, very much so. It’s gonna be a lot harder I think this year though, as there are a couple from Belgium coming over, who I don’t know a lot about, but so looking forward to it!”

How has the last twelve months been for you?
“The first few months [after winning the title] were very busy, doing radio interviews and even local TV, but then it quietened down. The best fun I’ve had since winning the World Masters though, was doing Trust Darts on talkSPORT radio, where i played against Adrian Lewis – I’d like you to listen to it.”

Winmau’s Involvement

Ian Flack, Sales and Marketing Director of Winmau, recently said:

Ian Flack
Ian Flack, Sales and Marketing Director of Winmau

“This year is very special for our company and this amazing tournament. It’s incredible to think that this is the 42nd Winmau World Masters and also the 42nd year of our partnership with the BDO.

“We are delighted that Eurosport will be providing HD coverage (produced by across the UK. With one of the strongest and most in-form line ups the BDO has ever had, the coverage from Hull City Hall will be as gripping as ever. We have absolutely superb coverage all weekend and we’ll be keeping the fans up-to-date across Winmau’s and the BDO’s Twitter and Facebook accounts so no part of the action will be missed!”

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 Winmau – A Potted History

1945 – Founded by Harry Kicks and started producing handmade elm boards.
1961 – Kick’s sons joined the business and it was renamed H.A. Kicks & Sons.
1973 – Became official board supplier to the BDO.
1973 – Renamed to Winmau (pronounced win-more) after Harry’s wife’s two first names, Winifred Maud.
1974 – First Winmau World Masters tournament (although the first two editions of the competition were sponsored by Phonogram).
1979 – Relocated to Haverhill, Suffolk.
1984 – Sudden death of Harry Kicks Senior – his sons take control.
1993 – Ron Kurtz became majority shareholder.
1997 – Blade board launched.
2002 – Nodor complete takeover of Winmau, but the Winmau name lives on.
2013 – 40th World Masters Tournament.
2015 – Still the official board supplier to the BDO.

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