Yozza’s Red Dragon Signature Darts

BDO World Number Four, Jamie Hughes, recently proudly announced the debut of his new signature darts, developed with Red Dragon. We caught up with Yozza, to see just what was involved.

So Jamie, how come Red Dragon are now selling your signature darts?

Yozza's darts for Sale
Yozza’s darts can be purchased directly from Red Dragon – click the image to find out more…

“I was approached after the World Masters final last year by Simon Hall of Red Dragon. He invited me to Red Dragon headquarters in Bridgend, South Wales. I eventually found time to go there when I was playing for England this year in Merthyr – Bridgend is just down the road. I saw their Dart Technician, Lee Huxtable, and used their custom darts service.”

Did you have any requirements that you definitely wanted the darts to be like?

“I basically wanted the same dart as mine, but with the grip all the way to the point and of course I wanted them to make the Black Country flag flights.”

How long are you contracted to Red Dragon for?

“I’m contracted for two years from just after last years World Masters.”

Way back, I think you started playing with Phil Taylor signature darts, the red ring ones?

“No, I was using Phil Taylor Phase Ones – they’re totally different. They’re a long straight barrel where as the red ringed ones are a shorter thicker barrel.”

Jamie claiming the 2014 Zuiderduin Masters title. www.wdo.org.uk
Jamie claiming the 2014 Zuiderduin Masters title (and a BIG trophy!).

Is there any exciting new technology in the darts?

“No real exciting technology. I didn’t want to change anything. I wanted to keep them as similar as possible to mine. They’re pretty much the same, just the extra grip at the end. I had all the input – they basically said, “you ask for it, we will make it”. I was given some time to see if I wanted anything tweaking – they were good, so went with them.”

Black Country Flag

Yozza’s beloved Black Country flag is emblazoned across his shirt and proudly adorns his flights. We thought we’d enlighten you as to its meaning.

Jamie's Black Country Flag Flights
Jamie’s Black Country Flag flights are also available from Red Dragon. Click the image to read more…

The design was adopted in 2012 after it was designed by Gracie Shephard in a competition to mark the Queens Jubilee and the holding of the 2012 Olympics.The colour’s and imagery are representative of the Black Country’s manufacturing heritage.

The black represents the soot created by the factory chimneys, the red the glow of the furnaces as they burn through the night and the white cone shape depicts a symbol of the regions glass-making industry – a heritage that reaches back to the late 18th century.The chain symbolises another typical locally manufactured item.

Yozza’s Darts – “Absolutely Spot On”

Yozza’s signature darts are available directly from Red Dragon, who say the following… “Yozza’ s darts are based on the classic long parallel design thrown by millions worldwide, but with his unique Yozza twist.”

Jamie himself is quoted on the Red Dragon site as saying… “I’ve used the same darts for absolutely years and they were worn out on the grip, so I wanted my new darts to have perfect feel and grip yet with a sort of slightly worn in feel. The guys at Red Dragon have done an amazing job and these darts are absolutely spot on”.

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