Player Kicked Out of WDF World Cup

Scottish player Ross Montgomery has received a bye through his World Cup Singles semi-final in Turkey, after his Greek opponent, John Michael, was disqualified from the tournament.

Greek player, John Michael, has been disqualified from the 2015 WDF World Cup in Kemer, Turkey, after breaching a WDF eligibility rule. Germany lodged a complaint, which was upheld by the World Darts Federation and as a result Michael was disqualified with immediate effect. Prior to the disqualification he’d battled his way through five rounds to make the semi-final.

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The rule (which doesn’t apply to youth players) under which Germany complained was WDF Eligibility Rule (Bye-Law 7.05 (6)), which states…

“In the course of the twelve months prior to the scheduled date of a WDF World Cup or Area Cup a WDF Playing Member must have played at least 65% of their International Singles Events in tournaments which are recognised in the WDF World Ranking Systems as well as International singles events promoted/organized between Member Darts Bodies and also recognised by the World Darts Federation.IE: Events such as, but not limited to, the 6 Nations Cup, Baltic Cup, Celtic Cup, Nordic Cup, Mediterranean Cup, and the Spring Cup.”

According to the official WDF tournament results, Montgomery will play in the final, against Darius Labanauskas or Jim Williams, without having to play a semi-final.

As a result of Michael’s disqualification, the Greek team have withdrawn from the tournament.

The Final

After some unfair conspiracy theories on social media that Ross Montgomery was in some way to blame for Michael’s disqualification, he went on to lose the final 4-7 to Jim Williams despite an impressive 94.68 average (Jim’s was 97.44).

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  1. I think it is harsh to invoke the rule after 5 rounds and sadly is not good sportsmanship, I consider sportsmanship in darts to be at a high level compared to most sports and I think if the governing body accepted his entry he should be allowed to play as it was their error in the first place to allow the entry

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