BDO: Vic Sexton Resigns from Board

It was announced yesterday (22/11/15), though not officially it would seem, that Vic Sexton has resigned from his role on the BDO board of directors.

No official communication has yet come from the BDO, but it certainly seems that Mr Sexton no longer holds his role on the BDO’s Board of Directors. As far as we know he still retains his role of nine years with the England Darts Organisation (EDO), currently listed as ‘Equipment & Facilities Director with Responsibility for Youth’ on their website.

There has been growing tension between the two organisations in recent weeks, with many EDO backers believing their organisation is being held back by the BDO. These feelings and frustrations have boiled over into heated debates on social media, where on occasion insults have been traded.

The resignation also comes hot on the heels of EDO Chairman, Tommy Thompson, calling a special meeting for all Counties to attend in two weeks time. No indication has been given as to the purpose of the meeting. You can’t help but feel it’s another action in the jostling for position of the two organisations though.

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