Lakeside 2016: Andersen Banned, Hewson In!

Disciplinary action taken by the Danish Darts Union (DDU) against one of its members has handed a spot at January’s Lakeside Darts World Championship to Englishman, Sam Hewson.

Vladimir Andersen has been handed a six month ban for what appears to be inappropriate behaviour and/or attitude at a tournament in Denmark, the Samso Open. It seems that he was verbally warned on the Friday for his behaviour – a warning that he accepted.

It’s reported his behaviour became abusive once more on the Saturday and he used threatening language, including “fek you” and “fat pig” at “high volume”. The tournament referee saw fit to ban Anderson for the rest of the weekend.

Andersen’s ban runs from 26th October 2015 until 25th April 2016. As a result Andersen has been removed from January’s Lakeside World Darts Championship and replaced with stand-by player, Sam Hewson.

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The official statement from the BDO states… “Mr. Vladimir Andersen of Royal Dartklub, Denmark, has received a half year suspension from all activities under the Dansk Dart Union, due to behaviour and attitude that discredited the game of Darts according to the rules of the DDU, during Samsø Open 11-13th September 2015. The suspension is in action from 26th October 2015 till 25th April 2016.”

The full BDO statement can be read here: Vladimir Andersen statement

Sam Hewson Interview

As a result of Andersen’s suspension, 22 year old Englishman, Sam Hewson, has been handed a late berth at the Lakeside World Darts Championship in just over four weeks. We caught up with Sam, to see how he feels about this turn of events.

“I’m in LAKESIDE 2016!!! Just had the news from the BDO! Ecstatic is an understatement! EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON!!! All the trips and hard work last season have eventually been worth it.”

Sam Hewson on being handed a Lakeside spot, Facebook, 27th November 2015

It’s clear from your Facebook status last Friday that you’re over the moon with your Lakeside call up. How did you receive the news?

“A phone call whilst at work on Friday afternoon. I didn’t really know what to say. – I was gobsmacked. I sort of had to pinch myself. After making it last year – it’s been really tough this year. I’ve been in the limelight more and had to deal with a lot more pressure, which has been a massive learning curve for me. As well as having personal problems, the news has been a great boost and I want to grab this opportunity with both hands and to be there two years on-the-trot at my age is massive for me. I’m overwhelmed.”

What about Peter Sajwani – have you played him previously?

“I have never played him, but funnily enough, he is a great mate of mine. We get on really well together on tour and we’ve already spoken about the game. Whatever the outcome, we will enjoy the game and both give it our all.”

You’ve put some miles in this year. Other than the Lakeside call-up, what’s been your highlight of 2015?

“The three major darting highlights this year have been getting my first TV win (against Ted Hankey) in the World Trophy, reaching the Gold Cup Doubles Final and reaching the last eight in the Swedish Open, under some immense pressure for ranking points, to keep me in the hunt for Lakeside.”

Originally, how close were you to qualifying for Lakeside?

“I missed out by one place and two ranking points!”

2054199824That is mighty close! Must have been gutting?

“Absolutely gutting mate. After all the effort I put in and all the sacrifices and travelling etc. But this news has made my year and my season.”

Beating Hankey on TV must have been amazing? Was he gracious in defeat?

“Very gracious to be honest. He’s had a lot to say to me – offered me advice and had nothing but positive things to say to me since.”

You’ll appreciate that’s not always the press that Ted gets! Realistically, how far can you go in January?

“Realistically, it’s an unknown. Darts is all on the day and on the day I fancy myself against most. You’ve got to have that belief else there’s no point. Having been given this opportunity I will enjoy and relish the experience again. To win one game would be amazing.”

Peter Sajwani – Sam’s  good friend and first match opponent. Image:

You’re on Day Two – it will be a really short experience if it goes bad! If you do beat your friend, Peter, it’s England’s Mark McGeeney in the next round – how well do you know Mark?

“I know mark fairly well – a really nice bloke and a very, very good player. However, it’s his Lakeside debut and anything can happen. I will take each game as it comes.”

How do you feel about Vladimir’s situation?

“I can’t comment. I don’t know what has happened or why he has been suspended. That was left to the powers that be.”

That’s fair enough. Thanks for your time Sam – you’ve been a pleasure. Good luck in January – I hope the darting gods continue to treat you well.

Friends & Family

We cheekily contacted some of Sam’s influential family and friends in a ‘This Is Your Life’ kind of way (ask your parents kids!), to see what they had to say about Sam’s news.

Daniel Starkey (Starks) – Best Friend

According to Sam, “…Starks has been there 100% and traveled to comps with me.”

We asked Starks for a few words. This is what he said…

“For Sam to get to Lakeside after the ups and downs of this year, I am so proud of him. Back-to-back Lakesides and only two years on the BDO circuit is outstanding.

“I first met Sam at the age of 17 when he joined my Super League team. It was his first ever season in Super League and to see the boy turn into a man on the board in five years is brilliant. I have been behind Sam 110% on the tour this year going to Scotland, Isle of Man, Denmark and finally Sweden, where he produced some of his best darts of the year to reach the last eight.

“Back-to-back Lakesides and only two years on the BDO circuit is outstanding.”

“Seems so strange how Sam came to support me on the PDC tour and now I can repay his support back to my best mate and push him to achieve great things, which I know he is capable of. I’m that voice in the corner, the advice and being there when things aren’t quite going so well.

“I will travel with Sam down to Lakeside to help him prepare for his match and support him along with his ever supportive Mum, Dad, Brother and family.

“I am over the moon for him as it means as much to me as him, as all the travelling we have done together all the hours on the phone when he’s away on tour or needs advice and the hours practice we have done together has all resulted in his dream of returning to Lakeside again.”

Paula and Des Jacklin – Sponsors

“We’ve known Sam for years and realised he has a huge talent. The dedication he shows and the discipline he has for a young lad is what we think will help make him a superstar dart player.

“He’s achieved so much in such a short time.”

“We decided to sponsor him to give a little back to the sport we love. We are both very proud – he’s now well on the way to achieving his goal. He’s achieved so much in such a short time.

“We’re also so proud to have him as a friend. It’s a constant laugh – we have a great relationship.”

Rob Hewson – Sam’s Brother

“Me and Sam have always had banter between us regarding who is the better player. We beat each other all the time, but his dedication and determination has got him where he is today. There is no one that puts more time and effort into his game. He deserves every success he gets. I’m one proud brother.”

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  1. Wishing my nephew Sam Hewson all the very best at Lakeside. 🎯🎯🎯I will be there to support him. Extremely proud. Well done Sam in getting this far.

  2. All his family are so very proud of Sam we will be at lakeside again in January to support him . Good luck Sammy xxx

  3. So proud of our grandson Sam cannot wait we will be there again at lakeside to support him love him he’s done so well nanna and grandad xxxxxxxx

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