Does BDO Statement Show Rift with Lakeside?

The BDO appear to have issued a passive-aggressive apology for the pricing of the 2018 Lakeside World Championship tickets, while at the same time passing the buck on to their hosting partners, the Lakeside!

The full, though brief, statement appeared on

“The ticket prices for the 2018 BDO Lakeside World Professional Championships are set by Lakeside themselves every year and the BDO has no control over them. Lakeside tickets can only be obtained by going to their website and booking online.”

When the box office opened for ticket sales last week, there was quite a furore on social media concerning the cost as well as the absence of hotel package deals.

As the week wore on and the Bank holiday arrived, it became apparent not only were the tickets more expensive, but the official ticket website was faulty and some of the tickets couldn’t be successfully purchased!

Facebook Frustration

The frustration of fans on social media is understandable. Many of those fans are passionate and just want to go to the event and expect a certain level of convenience.

Here’s a taste of the frustration on Facebook…

Hotel Schmotel!

Many of those fans look to book hotel packages along with their tickets, thereby ensuring accommodation and seating is arranged in a streamlined, convenient way – not for 2018 it seems. The ticket website is both vague and dismissive of the hotel package situation, stating…

“No hotel packages are available this year.”

They do go on to say that “Hotel accommodation can be booked separately with Potters International Hotel“, but maybe an explanation or apology as to why packages aren’t available might have been less curt.

Joined Up Promotion

To my way of thinking, if you’re in a partnership promoting a high-profile world championship sporting event, you shouldn’t allow any grievances to surface so that the paying customer might try to read between the lines.

It’s in both the BDO’s and Lakeside’s interest to promote a successful, joined up, professional-feeling event to the fans and followers from start to finish, regardless of the inner-wranglings that may or may not be present.

BDO Clarification

The BDO were given the opportunity to elaborate on their statement as well as pass comment on a possible rift between them and Lakeside. In fairness to the BDO, they took the opportunity and replied with the following…

“The BDO statement last week regarding the Lakeside World Professional Championships was purely to advise fans that the BDO don’t have anything to do with the tickets for this event and to point them in the right direction to obtain their tickets. The BDO office was receiving a lot of phone calls enquiring about the tickets and how to purchase them.

“It was an information only statement and I can assure you that the BDO and Lakeside have a very strong relationship and have worked together since 1986 and neither partners BDO or Bob Potter Leisure have any issues with each other. It is a very strong relationship that has been built up with trust for over 30 years.”

Sue Williams, BDO Chairperson

I guess this was always going to be party line, but I do hope it is the case that the BDO and Bob Potter Leisure continue a long and successful partnership together.


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